Upload multiple files like photos and attachments to Airtable automatically from Google with Integromat


Tutorial on how to upload multiple files attachments or photos automatically to Airtable from your Google Drive using Integromat. Test a free plan here.

The free Integromat plan provides you with 1000 operations - which using the scenario above will be sufficient for 300+ photo uploads to Airtable monthly.

Using this approach you can create a "watched" folder on your google drive, which will respond to any uploaded/saved file and automatically moved it to Airtable. Great as a dropbox for documents, pictures, receipts, any other files on your computer that you want to import in big quantity to Airtable.

To be able to download share files from Google Drive to Airtable - you will need to use a special download link where {{1.id}} is the file id of your Google Drive document/file:


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